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Cases of long-term disability in Toronto unfortunately are not uncommon. Accidents in life are a given – especially in cities where life is in a constant state of hustle and bustle – and they are difficult to plan for since, well, accidents are usually unexpected. However, one way to help prepare you for life's more serious accidents, such as car crashes and workplace mishaps, is to familiarize yourself with the top-notch personal injury lawyers in Toronto and the GTA.
Defining "Personal Injury”
The phrase "personal injury” refers to any type of physical, mental, or emotional injury inflicted upon an individual as a result of another party's negligence. The other party does not have to be another individual but may also be a business or organization. Typically, harm is not intentional and is usually caused by another's irresponsibility. For example, if a homeowner does not maintain their walkway during the winter, the mailman can slip and fall and suffer an injury due to ice buildup. However, personal injuries may be incurred in more intentional, or rather reckless ways, such as hit-and-run car accidents and cases of any type of assault. Ultimately, the classification of "personal injury” is based more so on the result rather than the cause. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be well informed and able to classify if whether or not your case is claimable as a "personal injury.”
Types of Personal Injury
There are many types of accidents that result in personal injury. The term encompasses cases such as:
  • Car accidents
  • Work injuries
  • Product defects
  • Industrial disease
  • Medical and dental negligence
  • Host negligence
  • Slip and fall
Unfortunately, instances where harm is intentional do occur. The phrase "personal injury” also includes  cases such as robbery, physical, and sexual assault.
More often than not, instances where personal injury has occurred – whether it is due to recklessness or malicious intent – the victim suffers from a long-term disability. In these cases, it is highly recommended that the victim hires the help of a professional personal injury lawyer to ensure they receive some justice and compensation for the debilitating circumstances.
Defining "Long-Term Disability”
The phrase "long-term disability” involves any injury – physical, emotional, and mental – of an individual that results in their inability to perform any occupation within a certain time frame from when the accident occurred. In Canada, it is typically within the first two years. To be considered as someone with a long-term disability requires you to submit medical information that has been produced by a medical physician. Typically, the insurance company will require you to be examined by their "approved” physician. You may also be required to see more than one doctor.  As well, most insurance companies will require you to be regularly examined by a physician, not only initially after the accident.
The process of long-term disability claims is tedious and is emotionally and mentally exhausting for the victim. Being unaware of a deadline or how to properly complete and submit forms can not only prolong the process but can also cost you your justice, in that your fair compensation may be diminished or your claim may be denied. Speak with a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in long-term disability claims to save yourself the hassle and ensure your justice.
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