Good Faith Immunity – Will it affect my long-term disability claim?

Posted by: Tullio A. D’Angela July 2, 2020

The Ontario government is considering a degree of immunity from civil lawsuits related to COVID-19. The intention of the move is to protect organizations and people from lawsuits or liability while acting in good faith. Although there is little information at this time as to the exact scope of the legislation, it would be to prevent lawsuits against companies whose staff may have inadvertently infected someone.

The legislation being considered is to provide immunity to healthcare providers or employers who were
acting in good faith. Already class action lawsuits have been commenced especially in the long-term
care area given the impact of COVID-19 on those facilities and its patrons. As it stands, it does not
appear that such legislation would impact those who may claim against their long-term disability carrier
for any COVID-19 related health problems.

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