Long-Term Disability and COVID-19: Are you still suffering?

Have you been diagnosed with COVID-19?  Are you continuing to suffer from long-term effects associated with the disease? Are these effects impacting your ability to return to work or to carry out the duties of your employment?

According to the CDC, reported long-term symptoms following COVID recovery include:

  • Fatigue or muscular pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Cough
  • Joint pain
  • Chest pain
  • Brain fog
  • Headache

In addition, although less common, there have been reports of COVID impacting organs and systems in the body, including:

  • Cardiovascular (ex. inflammation of the heart)
  • Respiratory (ex. lung function abnormalities)
  • Renal (ex. acute kidney injury)
  • Neurological
  • Psychiatric

If you are suffering from the foregoing effects, you may be entitled to long-term disability benefits. If you are thinking of applying for long-term disability benefits, I would suggest that you consider the following to give your application the best chance of success:

  1. You must have evidence that you were diagnosed with COVID.  In my opinion, believing you had COVID is not enough. This is not to say that your complaints are not legitimate.  However, these complaints may not be related to COVID but another medical issue.
  2. You have noticed these complaints since your recovery, and you have reported these complaints to your doctor.
  3. You are taking active steps to investigate the complaints with your doctor, and you are following the doctor’s advice on treatment, including seeing any specialists or taking medication.
  4. If possible, ask your doctor if these complaints could be related to COVID. Your family doctor is usually the one who knows your medical history the best.
  5. If you have applied for disability benefits, make sure that you obtain a report from your doctor documenting your complaints.
  6. Make sure that you have documented with your employer your complaints and what difficulties you are having in performing your duties.

If you have applied for long-term disability benefits and your insurer has denied your claim, please call me for a no hassle consultation.  Remember, the initial consultation is always free.   Please call me at 647-490-9444 or email me at tdangela@tadlaw.ca


- Tullio A. D’Angela


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