Rant On: Beware of Retaining Any Lawyer

So, I have another story that reminds me of the old C+C Music Factory song: “Things That Make You Go Hmmmm…” 

I received a call from a relation of a former client. He called me because his lawyer stopped working on his file. He was given a copy of his file and left to fend for himself. He asked me to look at the file and to see if there was anything I could do. Unfortunately, there was really nothing I could do because the file was not handled in a manner which I expect a file to be handled.   

For example, I did not see any copy of the retainer letter (or the retainer for that matter) outlining the law for the client; I did not see any letters to the client about issuing a statement of claim or whether one should be issued; there were denials on the AB matter but there was no evidence the denials were ever disputed; there was no evidence that the client was advised that a claim had been issued; there was no claim in the file the client was provided confirming that a claim was even issued; and there was no evidence that the client was kept apprised of what was going on with his file. 

The file was not necessarily a significant claim, but the client did not have the counsel he needed to obtain the result he truly deserved. 

As you can see, there were serious lapses in the way the file was handled. 

Look, it is always possible that something falls through the cracks. Lawyers try their best to avoid this from occurring, but it can happen. On this file, however, the lapses appeared systemic and reflected the competency of the lawyer. 

Frankly, I see this all too often. 

Let this be a warning.

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